Hugh Jackman Invests In Australian Label RM Williams

Actor Hugh Jackman has brought his star power to leather boots retailer RM Williams by investing in the iconic Australian brand. The clothing and leather goods company announced the investment on Thursday, saying it was proud to have the Wolverine and Les Miserables star as a shareholder. “R.M. Williams is proud to have Hugh Jackman... Continue Reading →


Luke Bracey in Keanu Reeves’ shoes

In the latest demonstration of the eastward-shifting center of gravity in the global movie industry,Point Break received its world premiere in Beijing on Tuesday night, more than three weeks ahead of its planned North American release on Christmas Day.   Co-produced by Alcon Entertainment and China's DMG Entertainment, the $120 million-budgeted remake of Kathryn Bigelow's 1991... Continue Reading →

The Right Trouser Fit

Following up on our last post, we look at how to achieve that all important perfect trouser fit. All too often gents are caught out with the fit of their trousers. Having done the hard work with the jacket, there’s nothing worse than ill-fitting slacks. Many retailers sell their suits as a set combination with... Continue Reading →

Style Tips

How to Take Your Suit From Office to Evening When it comes to going from the office to a night out on the town, your typical trouser suit hardly translates into evening wear. This is especially true if you work at a company with a strict dress code, meaning that you and your co-workers are... Continue Reading →

trend : slim-fit suit

The trend for a tighter fit has emerged in recent years with 'skinny', 'slim' and 'heritage' fits all offering a snugger-looking silhouette. Cast an eye back three years and the most recent incarnation of James Bond, in Sam Mendes' 2012 movie Skyfall, was seen wearing the kind of form-fitting suit that makes you wonder how... Continue Reading →

The Power of Three-Piece Suits

   Wearing a matching vest, blazer, and pants is one of the few style statements born in the 18th century that still wears exceptionally well today Television presenters and celebrities have popularised the smarter look, fashion experts say Celebrities are doing it, weathermen are doing it and now the man in the street is following... Continue Reading →

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