Karl Lagerfeld’s personal assistant and bodyguard is the face of Lagerfeld Fall/Winter 2015 Campaign

For the 4th season Sebastien Jondeau, Karl Lagerfeld’s personal assistant and bodyguard, is the face of the LAGERFELD campaign. Karl Lagerfeld’s 39-year old bodyguard and personal assistant – Sebastien Jondeau – is now the face of Lagerfeld’s menswear line. He’s also walked the runway for Chanel and featured in a photoshoot for Pirelli (shot by... Continue Reading →

The Right Trouser Fit

Following up on our last post, we look at how to achieve that all important perfect trouser fit. All too often gents are caught out with the fit of their trousers. Having done the hard work with the jacket, there’s nothing worse than ill-fitting slacks. Many retailers sell their suits as a set combination with... Continue Reading →

Celebrity Casual Style – April 2015

Bono Ben Affleck Alessandro Del Piero Bradley Cooper Canning Tatum Canning Tatum Canning Tatum Chris Pratt Eric Bana James Franco Jamie Dornan Jesse Metcalfe Jon Hamm Matt-Bomer Nick Jonas Nick Jonas Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Rob Lowe Ryan Gosling Ryan Gosling Tom Cruise Nick Lachey Joshua Jackson

trend : slim-fit suit

The trend for a tighter fit has emerged in recent years with 'skinny', 'slim' and 'heritage' fits all offering a snugger-looking silhouette. Cast an eye back three years and the most recent incarnation of James Bond, in Sam Mendes' 2012 movie Skyfall, was seen wearing the kind of form-fitting suit that makes you wonder how... Continue Reading →

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