SUITED & BOOTED : Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez, 48, and Alex Rodriguez were a study in black and white. 


The couple, who have been dating for several month, were among several celebs spotted at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Saturday night, watching the anticipated Floyd Mayweathervs. Conor McGregor Showtime PPV boxing match.



Jennifer Lopez seems to have similar sway over the men she dates, taking their style from meh to menswear god status in just a few outfits.

EXCLUSIVE: **PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE RATES APPLY** Smiling Jennifer Lopez in see-through dress holds hands with new bf Alex Rodriguez on date night.

If you want proof, just look at Lopez’s current boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez. Since the duo first stepped out together in March, the former Yankee infielder has gone through a serious style bootcamp—and his wardrobe so much better because of it.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Steps out for Lunch matching outfits


We’re not saying A-Rod had terrible style to begin with. His sartorial choices were better than the average Joe (after all, the man could afford the best threads out there), but nothing that impressed us enough to take notice.

In fact, it’s hard to find a capacity in which A-Rod has ever been covered for what he wore off the field (his ultra sleek pad, on the other hand, is worth some serious fawning over)—and when you’re talking about a player who was at the center of the style/sports/celebrity Venn diagram for as long as A-Rod has been, that’s saying a lot. Six months ago he looked like any other dad en route to his tee time.



Cut to Rodriguez and Lopez—as US Weekly would put it—canoodling. Suddenly A-Rod doesn’t own any more polos with chest logos, nearly all of the baseball player’s sneakers have been swapped out for leather-soled dress shoes, and the man wears a suit just to go to lunch. In a flash, Rodriquez’s style went from Tom Hanks to Tom Ford.


Now you would classify his personal style as A-list leading man—and, frankly he’s dressing better than a lot of guys who already claim that title.




His wardrobe is stuffed with peak lapel suits and collared shirt (unbuttoned just so). Every piece of outerwear he owns is suddenly the best version of whatever that silhouette is (see: peacoats, bombers, topcoats).


The man even wore an inky midnight blue tuxedo—and out-dressed more than a few stylish guys—to the biggest fashion event on Earth: the Met Gala.

credit : GQ

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