Style Icon : Johannes Huebl

In the world of fashion, Johannes Huebl is has become a household name. While he is best known for being the other half of the stylish ‘it’ couple that includes his wife Olivia Palermo, an American socialite, fashion blogger, and style maven, he is actually an extremely successful shoe designer, photographer, and model.


Johannes Huebl is a German model born and raised in Hanover. During his  studies at the University of Lueneburg, was noted by the PromodAgency for Models of Hamburg, and he started his career in the fashion world. Working for major clients such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Elle, GQ and Marie Claire, he has had the opportunity to travel the world and live in big cities like London, Paris, Tokyo and New York, which has chosen as his home.

In New York, he joined the Wilhelmina Agency for Models, working for clients such as Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Hugo Boss, Hogan, MontBlanc and many others. He also appeared in prestigious high-profile campaigns and editorials for magazines, brands and great photographers.

When he’s not in front of the camera he is behind, engaged in self-portraits, but not only. In April, a photography was auctioned at Pikolinos’ fundraising gala at the United Nations in support of the Maasai tribe and ADCAM NGO’s schooling project. In addition, he took photographs of the covers of the New York Scene Magazine and Lifestyle Magazine Brazil.

Johannes Huebl is Brand Ambassador of Italian footwear brand Scarosso for whom he worked as a designer, designing a capsule collection of great success. Finally, Huebl has recently become a member of the prestigiousMr.Porter’s Style Council.


His style is always impeccable, even in his more casual look, led him to be icon of good taste and refinement. The color palette that he uses, goes from gray to olive green, from camel to black, never give up the denim blue. With a penchant for blue shirts, Huebl plays with details, such as collars and contrasting trim. A lover of bespoke clothing, no waiver of stylish dresses and impeccable during the social events. When it comes to casual clothing, it is often seen on New York city’s streets with leather jackets, chinos and jeans, but he never give to his shirt.


While Huebl may have to show off the latest trends as part of his occupation, when it comes to his personal style, he has a refined and timeless approach to choosing the clothing in his wardrobe. And he does choose the clothing himself. Unlike others in his field, he refuses to use a stylist to help him stay on the best dressed list. Because of this, he knows his way around a wardrobe better than many of his contemporaries.

Dress Like Johannes Huebl 

When Johannes Huebl puts together an outfit, you know it’s going to be stylish. But how exactly does he do it?

They Way he Wears his Suits

At the heart of Huebel’s style is a strong penchant for making every ensemble he puts together look different in a completely unique way. No matter how many times the paparazzi catch him out in a suit, he always manages to make his look appear modern and fresh. Sometimes it’s as simple as deviating from traditional colour choices or giving his tie the day off.

Stylish Separates 

Want to dress like Johannes Huebl? Don’t be restrictive when it comes to your suit jackets and trousers. If you only ever wear your men’s suits jackets with their appropriate, matching trousers, you’re missing out on the full power of your wardrobe.

Separating and mixing suits and suit trousers is a long-standing tradition in menswear, and one that Huebl takes advantage of regularly. He’s not one to play it safe with classic grey jackets and navy trousers, though. His approach is much bolder, mixing timeless shades with striking colours and patterns that contrast and make him stand out.

The key to doing this lies completely in the fit of the suits. The suits you’re mixing and matching should have the same cut. If you were, for instance, to pair wide-legged trousers with a skinny jacket, the result would look odd and out of place.


On almost a daily basis, Huebl proves again and again that dressing doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy. In fact, he knows how to create a smart-casual outfit better than many other fashion icons these days. His secret? Classic pieces that have a refined edge and fit well. For his tops, he creates the ideal look with shirts and knitwear, combining them with a sharply cut coat or tweed jacket.

He’s the very definition of a modern-day style icon; a gentleman who ticks all of the right boxes. Huebl oozes confidence in the same way that you know McQueen or Dean would have done; with the perfect balance of self-assurance without being arrogant. Classic and timeless are the words we would use to define his style: he is refined to a tee and you can be sure that he is not a gentleman who forgets to iron his shirt. Here’s how you can dress like one of the most stylish gentlemen on the planet.


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