Celebrity Style : David Beckham in Las Vegas

Raiders owner Mark Davis and soccer star David Beckham make a presentation to the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee on Thursday, April 28, 2016, 

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis wasn’t the only prominent sports figure who made a pitch to the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee on Thursday morning.

Soccer legend David Beckham and Davis teamed to push forward plans to build a $1.4 billion, 65,000-seat stadium that could ultimately bring the Raiders to Las Vegas.

Beckham was in attendance to provide a different perspective on the use of the stadium, which is being proposed by Las Vegas Sands Corp. and Majestic Realty. Beckham has a business and promotional relationship with Las Vegas Sands’ properties in China.

The former Manchester United standout made the committee aware of the possibility of bringing European soccer clubs to Sin City for summer exhibition matches that could fill up the stadium and turn into weeklong festivities.

David Beckham has spoken to Sky Sports about his England free-kick against Greece and Kevin Keegan’s infamous rant.

To celebrate Sky Sports’ 25th birthday last week, Beckham has been looking through his favourite clips of our live coverage from the last quarter of a century.

The former Manchester United and England captain is already an ambassador for Sky Sports, appearing in their ad campaigns, but it looks like he might be considering a change of scene.

Several of his former Manchester United teammates have become football pundits since leaving the game including Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand, Phil Neville and, perhaps most surprisingly, Paul Scholes.

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