Red carpet : Superdry x Idris Elba

Idris Elba attends the launch party for the Superdry AW15 Premium Menswear collection at Superdry International Showroom on November 26, 2015 in London, England

Idris Elba first unveiled his latest fashion collaboration with Superdry at London Collections Men in June and now we finally get to see the clothes in stores.

The Hackney-born star headed to Superdry’s flagship store in London to reveal the highly anticipated autumn winter 2015 collection to the public.

Elba’s 250-piece collection sees the return of his signature IE graphics, and some of the key pieces have even been named after his own personal journey.

Designed alongside Superdry Co-founders James Holder and Julian Dunkerton, the opportunity to collaborate appealed to Elba due to a natural bond with the men behind the brand.

“We’re three British lads who’ve worked hard to get to where we are,” Elba said.

“I’m passionate about what I do and always give 100%. If I had the opportunity to have any influence in fashion, this is it.”

Idris Elba Launches His New Collection For Superdry At Their Flagship Regents Street Store In Central London

“I’m not a designer, but I’m passionate about clothes and I know how men want to look. Functionality and durability were key things for me.

“It’s a ’24-hour’ collection; clothing guys can look and feel great in from day to night.”

Grounded and cool – Elba’s urban signature style resonates throughout the range.

Deep tonal colours are paramount; a fusion of midnight blues, graphite greys, and jet-black sealed with signature-scar detail and a pop of cobalt blue, which emphasises the finest fabrics.


Beasts of No Nation


Idris Elba appears in the new Netflix war drama Beasts of No Nation, and the decision to sign on for the role was a surprisingly dangerous one for the acclaimed actor.

“I nearly died,” Elba reportedly said on The Jonathan Ross Show. “We decided to do this waterfall scene where all these child soldiers were walking behind this massive waterfall. Cary Fukunaga, the director, decided to shoot it for real.”

Under Fukunaga’s direction, the 43-year-old performer played Commandant, the leader of a rebel group in Africa.

“We went to this waterfall and in this scene my character is standing there watching all the child soldiers go past,” Elba continued. “Now in the setup of that, the stunt coordinator says, ‘Listen everyone, this is a waterfall, that’s a 90-, 100-foot drop down there and the ground is very slippery, just be careful!’ I put my foot on this rock… [and] it’s slippery, obviously. I slip … I put my hand on this tree — it’s not a tree, it’s a branch. It snaps and I go literally about six feet before I go bang over and I got caught by the security guy.”



The BBC have revealed the trailer for the upcoming new episodes of ‘Luther’, giving fans of the show their first glimpse at Idris Elba, back on the beat as John Luther.

First made in 2010, the show was a hit around the world including, significantly, on BBC America where some of the world’s best directors suddenly paid attention to Idris. 

As John Luther, Idris manages to be the coolest detective on television despite driving an ancient Volvo and wearing the same clothes every day (grey shirt, red tie, tailored jacket). 

He’s a detective who doesn’t play by the rules, to such a degree that even his colleagues question whether he’s on their side or not. 

He seems not to care what anyone else thinks, and just below the surface there’s an anger and an arrogance, a hint of something dark.

His personal life takes messy to new extremes. Everyone he becomes close to ends up dying horribly, including his wife Zoe (played by Indira Varma in series one) who was murdered by his friend, a corrupt cop who was trying to frame him for the killing. 

Luther may feel cursed but he perseveres. ‘I think Luther would always be the kind of person who chases people if they’re doing wrong,’ says Idris. ‘He can’t help himself.’

Rather than filming a full series, the BBC have created a two-part special, and the first episode will be shown on BBC1 at 9pm on Tuesday 15 December.

Idris isn’t the only returning cast member, and he’ll also be joined by Michael Smiley and Dermot Crowley, who play Benny Silver and DSU Martin Schenk respectively, though Ruth Wilson is not expected to appear.

Other cast members include ‘Game Of Thrones’ stars Rose Leslie and Patrick Malahide and John Heffernan, whose credits include ‘Ripper Street’.

Idris has hinted at what fans can expect from the show’s, stating: “It’s great we’ve been able to do this ‘Luther’ special.

“John is so close to my heart, he’s part of me. The fans won’t be disappointed with his return – it’s explosive and definitely goes up a gear!”



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