John Stamos, Rob Lowe return to TV in new comedies

We don’t blame you if you’re already getting these two stars confused. They both have piercing blue eyes; they’re both in their early 50s. They also both came to prominence more than 30 years ago: Stamos on the soap “General Hospital” and the long-running sitcom “Full House,” and Lowe in the films “The Outsiders” and “St. Elmo’s Fire.”

And now they’re each in new series, debuting back-to-back on the same night on Fox.


John Stamos returns to network television to play a handsome restaurateur whose single life is thrown into a spin when the son (Josh Peck) and granddaughter he never knew he had show up unannounced.

Stamos was looking for a role with a little more edge when this project came along. It was his agent who told him that instead of trying to break the mold, he should do what he does best. “Grandfathered” was a good fit, not only because Stamos had all of those semi-parenting moments on “Full House,” but he also starred in the short-lived 1986 series “You Again?” where he played the disconnected son to a dad played by Jack Klugman.

The show is a twist on the standard TV plot of a man finding out he’s a father. Stamos, a 52-year-old California native, plays a grandpa. He jokes about pitching the name “Handsome Guy in His 50s That Finds Out He Has a Kid?” as a title.

Stamos actually is dealing with two happy homes as he juggles “Grandfathered” with the shooting schedule for the “Full House” spinoff, “Fuller House.” He agreed to reprise his “Full House” role because of his love of the show.

“‘Full House’ was one of the earlier unconventional family shows. I mean, three men in San Francisco, straight guys by the way in San Francisco, raising three kids,” Stamos says.

Stamos is using something on “Grandfathered” that he learned while working on “Full House.” If one of the young actresses starts to cry, he whispers in their ear, “I made a couple of twins a lot of money. If you stop crying you can have a clothing line.”


Rob Lowe has played lawyers during his career, but he’s never tried to use that knowledge

to argue a court case. That’s what his character does in the new Fox comedy “The Grinder.”

Lowe plays Dean Sanderson, the star of a long-running TV courtroom drama. When the show ends, Dean believes he has enough legal knowledge to join the law firm run by his brother, Stewart (Fred Savage) and father (William Devane).

That legal twist hooked Lowe.

“In an era where we all want things to be less and less derivative, this was not derivative. This was a tone I hadn’t seen before. It was challenging on the one hand and also really, really accessible on the other,” Lowe says. “And those together, I don’t see. To me when I watch television, I either get, ‘OK, we get it. It’s challenging. We get it. It’s edgy.’

“I love that this occupied both worlds.”

The story was interesting enough to draw Savage out of his hidden world as a director. Savage took his time before saying yes to the role because he didn’t want to get away from the strong directing career he has established.

“After reading the script and meeting with the guys, it seemed like a really fun way to spend a week. It really just seemed like something really fun to do,” Savage says. “It was really freeing and exciting to just do something because it was exciting and not have to worry about where it was going to lead and what was going to happen.”

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John Stamos is everywhere these days. He’s working on Fuller Housefor Netflix, he’s starring on Grandfathered, which premieres Tuesday on Fox, and now he’s jamming with the Beach Boys again.

Stamos, who has performed with the band a few times over the years, joined them on stage Friday night at the Los Angeles County Fair, kicking off his appearance with some pictures of a young, steamy Uncle Jesse.

Back in 1988, Stamos played drums in their video for “Kokomo,” and appeared on “Forever” from Summer In Paradise.

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