Res carpet: Liam Hemsworth attends premiere of The Dressmaker at the Zurich Film Festival

Liam Hemsworth rocked up to the premiere of The Dressmaker at the Zurich Film Festival, in Switzerland on Saturday looking dapper in a perfectly tailored black suit

After strutting his stuff down the green carpet, the 25-year-old Aussie took to his Twitter account with 1.46 million followers to express his gratitude.

Liam Hemsworth receives the Golden Eye Award prior to ‘The Dressmaker’ Premiere during the Zurich Film Festival

Jocelyn Moorhouse’s new  film “The Dressmaker” is an unusual picture in many ways. Adapted from a novel of the same name by Rosalie Ham, “The Dressmaker” is one of those films whose genre can only be grasped at with a string of multi-hyphenates: part dark comedy, part period fairytale, part stylish girl-power revenge fable.

“To me it’s a gothic comedy, a dark comedy … [with] a profound story at its heart,” says star Kate Winslet, . Or as Moorhouse describes it, a tad more pithily: “‘Unforgiven’ with a sewing machine”

Kate Winslet stars as Tilly Dunnage, a dressmaker who returns from designing couture gowns in Paris to her rural (and fictional) Australian village of Dungatar, in order to reconnect with her mother and to find out the truth about her anguished past. Exiled and shunned by the town after a tragic childhood incident, she returns in a whirlwind of petticoats and fine silks, falling in love with a dashing young local Teddy (Liam Hemsworth) while winning over her enemies with custom gowns fit for the Parisian runways.

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