Andrzej Duda was sworn in as the new president of Poland

Conservative Andrzej Duda ( born 16 May 1972)  was sworn in as Poland’s new president Thursday, bringing political change to the nation’s top office. However, confusion surrounded the absence from the ceremony of European Union leader and former Polish prime minister Donald Tusk.

Duda quit Law and Justice after winning the May elections, in a sign that he would be the president of all Poles. In his speech Thursday he appealed for mutual respect and cooperation.

Duda was sworn in before the National Assembly of lawmakers and senators at the Parliament, in the presence of the government, his predecessor Bronislaw Komorowski, and other former presidents, including Lech Walesa. Duda’s wife, Agata, was by his side.

Duda  looked sharp in a blue suit.

Later he attended a special Mass at Warsaw’s St. John Cathedral and was given authority over Poland’s top state distinctions, or medals, at the Royal Castle.

Duda’s May victory over Komorowski was a surprise, and a warning to the ruling coalition that it may lose power in October general elections. The reason seemed to be the dissatisfaction of many Poles who say they are not benefiting from Poland’s economic success.