trend : slim-fit suit

The trend for a tighter fit has emerged in recent years with ‘skinny’, ‘slim’ and ‘heritage’ fits all offering a snugger-looking silhouette.
Cast an eye back three years and the most recent incarnation of James Bond, in Sam Mendes’ 2012 movie Skyfall, was seen wearing the kind of form-fitting suit that makes you wonder how it might have been possible to wear it AND brawl on top of a train while hurtling through Turkey.

Daniel Craig wore a close-fitting Tom Ford suit in 2012 Bond movie Skyfall…and thousands of men followed the trend

Throughout the film, an unruffled Daniel Craig sported a grey, tailored suit by Tom Ford which may have been the catalyst for other celebrities wearing a similar look.

While David Beckham rarely gets it wrong these days when it comes to fashion, he is definitely also a fan of a tight suit, and arguably carries it off to perfection.

What do the fashionistas make of the super-snug suit? Fashion blogger Simon Glazin isn’t convinced by the current trend.
He told FEMAIL: ‘Over the last couple of years, terms like ‘super skinny’ and ‘ultra skinny’ have been adopted by menswear retailers when it comes to suiting, and to be quite honest, they scare me.’
‘There’s the circulation-restricting connotations the words ‘ultra skinny’ bring with them but also the simple truth that a too-tight suit can be quite hideous to look at.’
Men are in danger of going for a debonair look but can end up revealing way too much, he adds.
‘You don’t want to show the world everything you’ve got!
‘Some things should remain, erm, under wraps. You find bigger men stuffing themselves into these skinny suits, and the results are disastrous.

‘As male models get thinner, so do suit cuts, but this is NOT representative of this country. Us men with ‘real’ bodies need suits that don’t feel restricting. And don’t restrict blood flow.’
Who should you go for if you want comfort and style? ‘Designer labels such as Versace and Salvatore Ferragamo offer suits that have a bit of breathing room.’

The current trend for wearing a whistle and flute that is at least a size too small, presumably to showcase a well-honed physique, has seen plenty of stars sail a little close to the wardrobe malfunction wind.

During his just-ended eight-year reign on The X Factor, Dermot O’Leary’s suits have got progressively smaller, seeing him once forced to reach for a safety pin moments before presenting the live show. O’Leary said at the time: ‘I remember having a wardrobe malfunction on The X Factor.
‘I had this tight-fitting Alexander McQueen suit and felt the trousers rip…from pole to pole, shall we say. I just had to skilfully apply a safety pin and hope for the best. It was terrifying.’

Other stars who’ve fallen foul of their own outfits exposing them include fellow X Factor presenter Olly Murs, whose penchant for clothes that show off his best assets saw his trousers split as he performed on stage at Sheffield Arena in 2012.
Wearing a matching burgundy waistcoat and pants, the star was dancing on his knees when the fabric covering his undercarriage gave way revealing sparkling white pants.

Mario Lopez and David Beckham  Wardrobe Malfunction !

Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola ripped a hole during the Champions League match in Germany

 Source : Daily mail

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