Daniel Craig in the first Spectre trailer

The first SPECTRE teaser trailer has been released today, showing the first images and plot elements of the SPECTRE movie.
And judging by the preview, it appears that Bond has a personal secret that someone is suddenly onto. His mission, this time around, takes him to the breathtaking Austrian Alps, a funeral attended by Monica Belucci’s Bond woman, and into a private meeting headed by Christoph Waltz’s character, who is only shown in shadow.

Earlier this week Craig was seen swinging from balconies as he watched thousands of extras dressed in ghoulish costumes walk the streets for a Day of the Dead carnival scene.

Daniel Craig can be seen escaping from a collapsing building in explosive pictures from the set of the new James Bond film, Spectre.

Working his typical suave look in a navy suit and tie, complete with sunglasses and a pocket handkerchief, Craig, 47, can be seen walking through rubble and debris following an explosion at a building in Zocalo main square, Mexico City.
Mexican actress Stephanie Sigmen – who starred in FX series The Bridge – is set to star as a mysterious character known as Estrella.