Red Carpet : Vanity Fair Mexico Magazine Launch

Vanity Fair has arrived in Mexico

Vanity Fair Mexico debuts March 23, the sixth edition of the magazine With an investment of $1 million and a print run of 90,000 copies, the magazine launch is accompanied by a website (, its own social networks and mobile iteration. Vanity Fair Mexico is the result of an editorial merger with the Spanish edition and it is the first new market for the media brand since Vanity Fair France in 2013. The launch issue examines the life of Letizia, Queen of Spain, together with an interview with film director Alejandro González Iñárritu whose recent work includes Birdman.

Last night Mexico City shined as celebrities gathered to welcome the magazine home.

See them as they work the red carpet

María de la Fuente and Max Villegas             Ludwika Paleta and Emiliano Salinas            Karla Guindi and Erick Elías

Sebastián Zurita                                            Carlos Rivera                                              Rafael Amaya