Men’s Casual Style

Most men would be comfortable in a T-shirt and their favorite pair of jeans, but with a few style tips, you can take your jeans-and-tee look up a notch. Want to learn how to make your casual wardrobe get noticed? Whether you want a look that’s trendy or classic, you can make a good impression by adding these men’s fashions to your look.

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Make it fit: No matter what you wear, it won’t look good if it doesn’t fit correctly. A well-fitting pair of jeans is the basis for a casual wardrobe, and shirts that aren’t too large or too tight can make a big difference in your look. Use our men’s measurements guide to help you find the right fit. And even casual clothes can go to the tailor for some alterations to make sure the fit is perfect.

Don’t be afraid of color: In general, you’ll want to keep your look simple and clean. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to banish bright colors from your wardrobe. Color catches the eye and creates a focal point for your outfit. Create a look based on a classic hue, like red or navy blue, or go for something a little brighter, like orange or lime green. The key is to choose one bright color and keep the rest of your outfit based in neutrals.

Incorporate classics: Modern and edgy is fun, but make sure you have some classics in your closet to keep your wardrobe from getting stuck in a short-lived trend. A pair of clean, flat-front khakis is a classic wardrobe basic and so is a casual button-down, which you can layer over your trendier graphic tee. You may also want to add a classic ribbed sweater to your clothing, and shop for a few outerwear basics, like a wool pea coat.

Experiment a little: A bland wardrobe won’t get you noticed, so feel free to experiment with your clothing choices. Try a brightly colored shirt under a jacket or even try mixing patterns with a graphic tee layered under a printed jacket or plaid shirt. If there’s a style you like but haven’t tried, consider mixing a few pieces into your wardrobe to see if they suit you.

Reinvent casual: It’s easy to just think of jeans and a T-shirt when you hear the word “casual,” but if you think beyond the basics, you’ll have a much more impressive and extensive casual wardrobe. If you’re heading out for dinner or a night at the bar, consider wearing a sports jacket with a slim cut to give your casual look a dressed-up, modern appeal. Similarly, ties aren’t just for the office; they also look great worn loosely with a button-down and jeans. Incorporate more of your clothes into your casual look.

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